For Monday 30.03

Choose one of the following exam tasks and write your response. Double space and print your article but don't stick it in your book yet.

Read through the following information while you are completing the exercises I gave you (7.1-7.4)

What is an -ing clause? (remember what a 'clause' is??)

Using -ing clauses for things that happen at the same time

Using -ing clauses when one action follows another

Using an -ing clause to say why something happens

1. Write a second sentence that has a similar meaning to the first for 1-6. Write the complete (second) sentence in your book. Use a gerund (an -ing verb) in each one.

Change sentences 1-6 to make them true for you and write the new sentence in your book. Use gerunds (as in the second sentence in each pair above)


1. In HCMC, taking taxis can be expensive.

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